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Special Education| Graduate student at USC Rossier School of Education| Aspiring english teacher| Love screen writing| Southern Californian.
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I am almost at the end of week 2! For the first week I was only able to attend my bootcamp two days, which was Monday and Tuesday. At night I did Focus T25 Monday through Thursday, and rested Friday and Saturday. My body was in SHOCK to say the least.

Sunday came around, and that night my cousin and I continued with Focus T25, and we’ve been going all week. Saturday is break day for T25 program.…

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Challenge Kickoff!!

Just finished a morning bootcamp session!

Something I need to tell myself daily.

Something I need to tell myself daily.

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We’re excited to premiere to trailer for “Dumb and Dumber To” on tonight’s show! 


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The ankles generate more of the power when running    http://www.a-

I NEED TO RUN!!! I need to get this butt in gear this summer!


You have the #POWER to make healthy decisions. Nobody is going to do it for you. #healthy #fitness #motivation


LOB Spring/Summer 2014

Summer clothes


LOB Spring/Summer 2014

Summer clothes


»burned books project« by michael mandiberg



Eugon McNeil | Ports 1961 S/S 14

I need these!!


Ay waddup

Need all the eyewear!!!


feelin the beat

I want the glasses!!!